4 Weeks Body & Mind Reset

Are you …

achy & sore joints



experiencing lack of concentration

carrying some extra weight

feeling irritable

experiencing hormonal issues

breaking out

craving junk food

Whether you have been feeling achy, low in energy, having hormonal issues, are depressed or struggling with extra weight, this 4 weeks programme is designed to give a fresh start. It will guide you through a complete metabolism reset, shifting your body from burning sugar, constantly craving foods and being ‘hangry’, to a slow and constant release of satisfying fat burning.

It will help you get rid of accumulated toxins, and heal your gut.

It will help you get rid of chronic inflammation & infections.

Why detox?

While some medical doctors still close their eye on the need to detox, science is now conclusive that pretty much all of us living in the Western World are to a smaller or larger degree burdened by toxins.

Toxins can come from external and internal sources.

External sources include pesticides on food, chemicals in household, personal care products, in clothing, plastics and so many more.

Internal sources include waste products inside the body from digesting processed foods, too much sugar, stress & other negative emotions.

We all have several pathways to get rid of these toxins. Depending on your genetic footprint and your daily lifestyle, some of these might work more or less.

If these toxins start to become more than what our ‘cleaning system’ can get rid off, we start to accumulate them in our tissues, leaving us feeling sluggish, achy, inflamed, hormonally imbalanced or many other vague symptoms.

Science now suggests that all of us have toxins in us, even newborn babies. Clearing out the body from these once in a while is thus a great idea, especially if you are interested in staying fit, healthy and happy for a long time. Look at it like a spring cleanse at home, decluttering and cleaning up all the dark corners will leave you feeling much more energized and efficient.

We will be focusing on reducing toxic exposure, mobilizing toxins out of storage tissues (mainly in fat and brain!), cleansing out the channels of elimination to get them out efficiently, and refilling your body with fresh building blocks.

Gut healing Foods

Turn on your Fat Burning Metabolism

Building blocks of the detox & metabolism reset diet & supportive supplement plan

Stress reduction meditation & visualization suggestions

Detox Workout Suggestions

This is what you will get

After a thorough Health Questionnaire Intake - Individualized Functional Medicine Assessment & Treatment Suggestions

Access to a detailed online Health Reset programme

FaceTime / Whatsapp Video or Phone call to help bring clarity