“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

~ Buddha ~

Meet Mirthe

Mirthe has worked and travelled extensively in the health coaching area, whether it be as the team physiotherapist for the NZ Olympic Winter Team, mental coach, personal trainer and dietitian with elite surfers, including on the World Tour Surfing, preparing luxury surf or ski retreats or health programmes for chronic disorders, she loves helping people maximize their quality of life and achieve the best possible them they can be.

Having struggled with Crohn’s Disease herself since a young age, and being faced with the “diagnosis” of no return – strong anti- inflammatory medication for the rest of her life, or, as the doctor’s put it, the ‘inevitable’ development of colon cancer, she knew there had to be more out there.

From a young age, and encouraged by her parents, who both practised, and still practise daily, Mirthe was intrigued by Eastern philosophies and ancient medicine, such as Yoga, Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Buddhism, and many more. She started a regular Yoga practise at a very young age, mainly to help relieve her excruciating belly aches. When she turned into a teenager, Mirthe started experimenting with different diets, such as not eating any refined sugar for 3 years (age 16-19), and eliminating most processed foods. However, the belly aches persisted, as she was still eating the “traditional healthy vegetarian diet”- consisting of lots of organic whole grains, tofu, beans, lentils, fruit.

It was only when the doctors told her the diagnosis for her long pains at age 23, and after having her Sports Nutrition Professor during the Sports Physiotherapy Education at the university, tell the students that it did not matter what calories they were putting in, as long as there were enough calories, and her doctors telling her that diet had no influence on the development of her ‘disease’, that she set out on the quest to heal herself. Which she did, after developing the “modified paleo approach” – also called PNI or paleo neuro immunology, which combines the newest research results, with the observation of diets in ancient and the healthiest populations in the world. It wasn’t until she quit all grains, radically reduced legumes and fruit, despite the conventional allergy tests showing that she was fine to eat all those, that her inflammation could slowly resolve. Only one year after adapting the approach, her doctors could not find a sign of inflammation of her ‘so called’ chronic inflammatory bowel disease that normally leaves patients leading a pretty miserable life and struggling every day.

Her quest since has been to dive even deeper into studies, leading her to a degree in ‘Functional Medicinel’, her own research (being an absolute nerd), but also personal trial and error. Always searching to re-define and perfectionate the programme for different populations, disorders, wishes and needs.

It is her ultimate goal to help you take back your health and thrive again – and to know that you too are perfectly able to do that. X