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Verbier Mountain Health Retreat
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Exclusive Health Retreat Tropics

Reset your body and mind with a long weekend or weeklong retreat tailored to your personal goals and dreams. Take your partner, friends, or family to your zen place in the mountains, tropics or your own holiday home. Start the day with an invigorating yoga flow, followed by a personalized meal to set you up for the day’s activities – surf lessons, skinning, skiing, or lounging in the hammock or by the fire place. Tone your body and boost your sports performance, get rid of aches and pains with individualized training and┬ámanual therapy. Wind down with a restorative, stretching yoga and evening meditation & visualization.

Depending on your goals, set up (family with kids, sociable friends or severely ill patient), the retreat can be more or less strict, ranging from a strict 150% detox high vegetables, protein and high quality fat diet to a more playful or performance enhancing diet, that might allow the occasional glass of organic red wine in the evening too.

Make it your personal dream retreat – you name it, I will tailor it.

Goals can be (examples only, tell me yours!)

Reset and relax

Tone up and loose the stubborn pounds

Learn how to eat and live healthy – from kids to granny

Learn how to boost your physical and mental performance in sports or office

Detox your body if you have been feeling sluggish lately, or battling a chronic debilitating health condition


Worldwide- Verbier – Hawaii – Byron Bay – Bali – or any other of your dream destinations

Contact me for more information and discussion of your keys to the perfect health retreat