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The natural & holistic way to optimal health, wellbeing and anti-ageing.

Holistic Health, healing through food and diet

Science-backed Diet & Lifestyle Medicine to compliment and optimize your current care

Are you searching for the underlying health issue that is causing your symptoms? Not sure of your next steps to heal?

You don’t currently have symptoms, but would like to optimize your health and prevent chronic conditions and fast ageing?

  • Get to the root underlying cause of your chronic health condition: autoimmune, neurodegeneration, digestion, mood, energy and weight

  • Test your genes for your unique diet & lifestyle protocol to bypass genetic weaknesses and predispositions, optimize weight, energy and wellbeing throughout life

  • Optimize your health and prevent the onset of chronic conditions and ageing by cutting edge predictive biomarker testing, that detects suboptimal levels a long time before running into trouble

  • Improve heart health, blood pressure, digestion & hormonal balance

  • Get rid of excess weight without dieting and deprivation by resetting your metabolism, hormones, gut bacteria and satiety.

  • Look for and correct the underyling cause of hormonal imbalances such as in PMS, infertility, endometriosis, cysts, inability to loose weight

  • Increase mental focus, energy and memory

  • Prevent & rehabilitate musculoskeletal injuries

  • Find and remove the triggers for autoimmune conditions

Prevent, optimize, thrive.

For you, with you


How can I help my eczema?

How can I help my hormonal imbalance other than replacement therapy?

Why do I have such bad PMS and what can I do about it?

How can I naturally support my ADHD?

I want to get rid of acne without using those harsh chemicals and antibiotics.

What kind of exercises should I do and how often to improve weight-loss and anti-ageing?

How can I fuel my body so it can fight off cancer?

I get bloated in the afternoons and have tried every diet to try and stop it. What can I do to finally get back to normal?

How can I heal my gut from chronic digestive issues?

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