By livemiani  ,

March 26, 2017


1 liter Glass Jar

1 Tight Weave Cloth or Paper Coffee Filter

1/2 cups (=100 mg) Sugar

4 g (2 Bags) Tea - see section below on what do watch out for in regards to choosing flavour!

1 Scoby

100 ml Starter Kombucha or Vinegar

1 liter Filtered Water


1Brew your tea how you normally do. Stir in the sugar. Let it cool.

2Once cool, pour the sugar-tea combo into the glass jar. Add the kombucha scoby and the fluid of your previous Kombucha batch, or vinegar.

3Place the cloth over the top of the glass jar and put a string around it so it cannot fall off.

4Leave in a warm place. Best temperature for the scoby to grow and ferment your tea is about 20-26° (69-79° Fahrenheit). If you are brewing on the lower end of the temperature spectrum it takes longer (up to 3 weeks), if you keep it on the warmer end, the process speeds up. If you are living in a warm climate (warmer than 26°/79°), your kombucha may only take a few days each. Keep it out of direct sunlight. Best is to check the taste to see if is ready. You want to have small bubbles building/ it turn slightly fizzy. That is usually a sign that it is ready. If it turns acidic, you may have left it a bit long, but you can usually still use it, just water it down a bit for an easier taste, or use as salad dressing.

5Once done, pour the kombucha in glass or stainless steel jars and store in the fridge or a cool place in the basement. Keep 100ml of the fluid as the starter fluid for the next batch. Repeat.


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