Functional Medicine

You would like to find and treat the underlying root cause of your chronic health condition

You are not satisfied with the conventional help you have gotten so far and would like to take your health back into your own hands

You are intrigued to find out what genetic pre-dispositions you have, and how to prevent them from presenting

You are willing to make diet and lifestyle changes to take back your health

Optimize Health & Aging

Personalized Health Care & Genetic Testing

Functional Medicine

detox to loose weight

DNA Analysis

Diet & Lifestyle Plan to Optimize Health & Wellbeing & Slow down Aging & Disease

Hormone Issues such as Infertility, PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis

Auto-immune Conditions

Anxiety / Depression/ ADHD

Cardiovascular Disease


Musculoskeletal Conditions such as Arthritis, Cartilage Degradation, Fibromyalgia

Chronic Fatigue

personal training yoga at home

Online Personal Training Yoga & Core for Fitness, Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation


In need of a proper body and mind reset? Are you looking to detox, lose some pounds, tone up, start a healing process, or simply reset your energy and happiness levels? Join me for a retreat of daily yoga, meditation, core training, mindfulness and clean eating.

Verbier Mountain Health Retreat

    I will come to your favourite get-away, or will find you a new one – tropical Hawaii, Costa Rica, the Swiss Alps or Japanese solitude? You name it and I will organise the rest for you and your family or friends.


    Luxury accomodation, a gourmet chef that will prepare healing foods tailored to your goals and personal needs, and combine it with any activity of your choice – surfing, heli-skiing, skinning, sipping Japanese tea, or relaxing in the hammock or by the fireplace.


    Contact me below to discuss your dream retreat and availability.

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